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About me


I have been interested in Ham radio for quite sometime, but didn’t look deep enough into getting licensed. Then, along came a friend who his his Extra License and he kept pestering me. Finally, I said, “You are right, it is time for me to put up or shut up”

Studying for the Technician test was not anywhere as bad as I thought. Granted, it had been over twenty years since I was in the classroom, but with a little bit of effort I was able to retain the information.

Within two weeks of getting my Technician license, I was able to obtain my General license. Why not keep pushing and get the ticket I wanted, right? Will I test for extra? Maybe one day, but the General license grants me privileges far beyond what I will likely use.

I know a lot of Hams are all about HF and making contacts across the globe, but honestly the main reason I wanted my Ham was to be able to use 2m and 70cm communications in my car and on handhelds. I live in the Gulf Coast region of Texas that is prone to hurricanes, so having radio communications when the phones are out is extremely important.

A little more about me

I have worked as a government contractor for practically half of my life specializing in security and intelligence. The importance of communications while being overseas was just understood.

I am also a photographer and I enjoy traveling to new places to capture photos. Whether it is in Kenya walking a leopard stalk prey or going out in the woods by myself north of Fairbanks, Alaska – my camera is with me. In the past, my photography has taken me plenty of places where cell phones do not work, but Ham radio does 😉 I am looking for ward to future trips where I have the added security of having communications in remote areas.

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