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Get your Ham License in just a few easy steps

In the beginning, I was thinking that getting my amateur radio license was going to be difficult; then I found out it is much easier to go through the process than I thought.

1. Get your FRN

Register and get an FRN number from the FCC –

2. Study the test material

There are many apps out there for studying for the Amateur Radio technician test, but the one that I found most useful was the HRE Technican app:

Once you can consistently make an 80% on the practice tests in the app, you should be fine to pass the test.

3. Register for a Test

I studied for the test longer than I should have, but I was struggling to find a testing date/time that I could make without having to take time off from work. In my area, most of the testing dates are during the week. I ended up testing out on my patio with WM7x, here is a link to their test dates –

Once you pass your exam, you will get notified within a day or two of the callsign that is assigned to you by the FCC. The minute you show up in the FCC database with an active Ham license, you can key that mic!