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I am compiling a list of helpful resources along with a brief description to help folks find what they are looking for.

Where to register for an FRN with the FCC:

FCC ULS Registration site – go here and register an FRN before you go test.

Where do I test for my HAM license?

I recommend at Home/Remote Testing with I can’t say enough about this group, they were great. I was actually a bit nervous taking my Technician test, but they were cool and by the time the test started, I was locked on. Remote testing is fairly new and this group has it down to a well oiled machine, including preventing cheating.

If you prefer to test in-person, the ARRL has a great tool for finding a test in your area –

Where can I check the status of my Vanity callsign application?

Let’s face it, the FCC’s database is slow as molasses. If you are checking ULS for updates, it can take a while just watching the spinning icon while the page loads, regardless of your internet speed. AE7Q has what I believe to be the best vanity callsign progression tracker –