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My Experience with the Anytone AT-878UvII Plus

If you are looking to get the top of the line DMR handheld, then I would highly recommend that you pick one up from Bridgecom Systems. I had a great experience buying from Bridgecom Systems and their training videos are very detailed.

For those of you new to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), it is totally different animal. You will be creating channels, linking them to talkgroups, specifying Color Codes and Timeslots; then placing them into the Zone you want. Or, you could take the smarter option and buy a bundled Radio and hotspot.

I like to do things the hard way. LOL So I have been building my codeplug from scratch. I am very happy with the level of responsiveness that I have gotten from Bridgecom Systems with regard to questions that I have had along the way. So it took me a good 10 hours of working on a codeplug before I successfully connected to a DMR repeater. Pro tip: Make sure to check the Last Heard date on the Brandmeister Site of the repeater you are trying to hit, in my case, I spent a day trying to connect to a repeater that has not been heard in over two years 🙁 Lesson Learned –> Just because it is listed as online on repeater book, doesn’t mean it is active.

Building my own MMDVM (MultiMode Digital Voice Modem) to act as a hotspot at home for DMR connections proved to be another challenge, and I am a fairly technical guy.

What is an MMDVM, you ask?

Well, essentially is a wifi repeater that operates on such low power that you can just use it in your house, out in the yard maybe, but no further. Being that you it is your hotspot, you can connect to any Talkgroup in the world! So, even if you do not live in range of a DMR repeater, you will still be able to connect through your hotspot. And, your hotspot is mobile is as well. Connect it in your car and off you go!

If you are not familiar with installing drivers for an unknown manufactured radio hat mounted to a Raspberry PI, then again, take the smart route and just get you a hotspot from Bridgecom Systems; they will do all of the hard work for you.

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