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adding channels to the Anytone AT-D878uvii Plus

If you are like me, you love your Anytone AT-D878uvii Plus, but don’t so much care for the CPS software. I had a lot of issues getting .CSV files to import into the CPS. Eventually I came up with a couple of easy steps to make it work.

How to add channels from to the Anytone AT-D878uvii Plus.

Step 1 – Export your current channel list to .CSV from the CPS software for your Anytone AT-D878uvii.

Step 2 – Export the channels that you want from to CSV per the Anytone AT-D878uvii format listed in the export options. I have found that using the City name is the best way for me to organize the repeaters on the spreadsheet.

Step 3 – Copy/Paste your new channels from Repeaterbook into the .CSV that you exported from the CPS software.

Step 4 – You have to go through and edit the data in the rows that you added, especially – Power, Radio Name, Local/Cluster, and add the zeros for the last 4 columns of data. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.